DiveMate App

DiveMate for Android is available in the Play Store.
A list of features of DiveMate for Android can be found here.

DiveMate for Android
Your packs are linked to your Google account you used during purchase. Please set the same account in the Playstore app. In DiveMate check “Extension Packs” (from the main menu) that your packs show a green tick and the purchase date. In rare cases stop and restart the Playstore app and DiveMate.
The easiest way is to use a cloud service (Dropbox or Google Drive). In the main menu click “Backup&Sync” and “Dropbox” or “GDrive”. There you may set/change your cloud account. If you like to include all pictures, maps, signatures etc. tick the box at the top of the window.
Then tap “Upload”. On the other device tap “Download” accordingly. Your logbook will be updated/synced.
In the diver list many divers can be created e.g. partners, dive students or to manage additional backup/rental computers. One diver is active at a time. The name is shown the main top bar. To switch to another diver click it in the diver list and then tap the tick in the top menu of the diver details. The dives and equipment of this diver will be loaded.
In the dive list select all dives you want to print. At the top context menu click “Print”. The choose the layout options and either print directly or create a PDF file.
You most likely suffer from this Google problem: https://support.google.com/accounts/thread/9709730. Please change your Google account to a ‘@gmail.com’ suffix (from ‘@googlemail.com’) and set this account in DiveMate.
From a dive site click ‘Map’. Tap the top-left button in the map view to choose the best map for a dive site (also check the aerial/satellite maps). Maps with a ‘↓’ at the end of the name can be saved for offline usage. Pan and zoom the area you want to save. Click “Save map” from the top menu. Enter a name and choose the zoom levels for the details you want to save (watch the estimated map file size). Then save the map. Once it’s downloaded you find at the bottom of the list (top-left button).
To assign a particular map (offline or online) to a dive site click ‘Map’ in the dive site details screen. Click the top-left button in the map view to choose the map. Then click “Prefer this map” from the top menu. To remove a preferred map click the menu item again.
DiveMate is very flexible to accept many formats of latitude and longitude coordinates. Independent of the setting how coordinates are displayed any of the following formats can be entered:

  • 45N12.34 → 45°12’20″N (45°12.34’N)
  • 45n12.34 → 45°12’20″N (45°12.34’N)
  • 45N12’34 → 45°12’34″N
  • 45.5N → 45°30’00″N
  • -45.5 → 45°30’00″S
  • use N,n,+ (North); S,s,- (South); W,w,- (West); E,e,+ (East)
If you have more than one diver first choose your diver profile in DiveMate. Open ‘Tools&Info’, select the tab ‘Backup&Sync’ and tap the ‘diviac’ button. If you have not yet entered your personal diviac token you can copy it from your diviac account ‘Profile & settings’ to the field in the upload window of DiveMate USB. Finally press ‘Upload’.
No, as the Samsung devices just have an infrared transmitter to use it as a TV remote control. A infrared receiver is missing and no data communication is possible. The HTC One has a receiver but only for learning TV remote control codes.
First choose the diver for which you want to add dives. Open the dive list and add a new dive. It gets the next number after the last dive.
In the dive list choose sorting by ascending date. Then select the dives to be re-numbered with the tickbox. Now click the # icon in the action bar and enter the new number of the first dive. Alternatively you can long-press one of the selected dives and choose the re-numbering function.
Please update to the latest DiveMate version. Only then the Google Playstore works properly.
You have 2 options: via your Dropbox or by file import/export. From DivingLog upload your logbook to your Dropbox in SQLite format. In DiveMate USB choose Dropbox from the menu and click Download DivingLog logbook.
Here is a list of the currently supported dive computers.
To connect to a dive computer your smartpohone should support the so called USB Host function. From the menu in the dive list click “USB Transfer”. This checks whether your device is capable to support USB Host. If not a message is shown. Attention: In some devices the manufacturer include the software for USB Host but the hardware is not capable of the USB Host function. In this case DiveMate cannot detect whether USB devices can be attached to your smartphone. Please contact the manufacturer of your device.