DiveMate Fusion – Connect your dive computer to iPhone & Co


The unique and easy way to keep your scuba diving memories. Enjoy an amazing scuba dive log on your smartphone and tablet – without a PC.

You love diving and have often asked yourself how to make logging your dives easier and more comfortable? With the DiveMate Fusion you can transfer your dive profile (depth, gas pressure and temperature) directly from your dive computer to your iPhone, iPad or almost any other device. The data from your dives is directly stored in the logbook on your smartphone or tablet. You will never have to type it in manually again.

DiveMate is the innovative logbook solution for sports-, free- and tech-divers who want to transfer their diving adventures directly to their tablets or smartphones. It consists of the DiveMate Fusion and the DiveMate Apps. Made for divers by divers.

What’s the DiveMate Fusion?
The DiveMate Fusion is a small robust accessory that links your dive computer to your mobile device. It is dead simple to use. Plug it in and that’s it. The data from your dive computer is transferred automatically. The Fusion works without batteries so you won’t have to charge it and therefore it is ready to be used anytime.

For dive computers with infrared you can use the FusionIR. Dive computers with a USB interface can be connected to the FusionUSB.

The Fusion works with more than 160 dive computers from all major manufacturers.

Why do I need a Fusion?

New possibilities

With the DiveMate Fusion you can transfer your dive data from your dive computer directly to your iPad or other mobile device. Have access to your dive profile instantly after your dive.

Convenient and fun

You may even be still on the boat or already at the beach bar enjoying your first drink. You can take it along with your smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere. Leave your notebook at home and take some extra diving equipment or some souvenirs home instead.



DiveMate offers you increased safety in case of a diving accident. You always have everything handy for transferring your dive profile. That can be very important for the personnel at the pressure chamber. They will have access to your dive profile immediately. Good to know!


Always works. No batteries, no maintenance required.

Great Apps

Enjoy a fantastic logbook and share your diving adventures with your friends.

Discover the DiveMate Apps

DiveMate for Android has been on the market for two years and it is the most used and most popular dive logbook in the Play Store.

We got such positive feedback that we just had to make DiveMate available for iOS. We have published the first version of DiveMate on the App Store and step by step we will include the same functions of the Android App.

As we have developed the Apps and the Fusion ourselves, we can guarantee the flawless communication between App and Fusion.

These are the most important functions of the DiveMate App:

  • Direct transfer of data from dive computers via USB, infrared and bluetooth
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful and elaborate design
  • Depth profile
  • Temperature and gas profiles
  • Dive sites and maps
  • Photos
  • Support for multiple divers
  • Buddies with signatures
  • Backup/restore via Dropbox (iCloud Drive available in next update)
  • Automatic sync between iOS devices via iCloud (available in next update)

The main functions that will be included in the near future:

  • support for import/export of UDDF files (allows data transfer from/to 3rd party apps like Subsurface)
  • Direct upload to the cloud-logbook Diviac
  • Easy export of dive profiles to support the DAN Europe Research
  • Improved integration of safety related information provided by DAN Europe

DiveMate was developed especially for iOS and Android and therefore has the familiar look-and-feel.

It was designed for 100 percent offline use. You don’t have to worry about extra costs. You can use it while you are on the safari boat or in the hotel abroad, just anywhere you want.

DiveMate is a wonderful logbook solution and also the only App that can extract data from dive computers via USB, infrared and bluetooth.
Welcome to the 21st century!

Discover the Apps:


In case of a (suspected) diving accident the DiveMate Fusion will deliver important information for your diagnosis and treatment. As you always have your smartphone or tablet with you, your dive profile can be transferred very quickly to the diving medical assistance (e.g. DAN). The medical personnel will have immediate access to your dive profile and can act quickly.

How does it work?

Inside the Fusion there is a little computer with complex software, which communicates with the iPhone or iPad (or Android or desktop devices) on the one hand and the dive computer on the other hand.

We will regularly update the software, e.g. if new dive computers are introduced. That makes the Fusion prepared for the future.

The FusionIR has a standard USB-A plug for using it with Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Linux.

In order to use it with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch you need the “Lightning to USB Camera Adapter”® or the “Camera Connection Kit”®.

Android devices are connected with a standard USB on-the-go (OTG) cable.

PC, Mac and Linux can be connected directly to the FusionIR using software from diviac, Cressi, Scubapro, Liquivision, DivingLog 5, Subsurface and MacDive.

The FusionUSB has been developed exclusively for iOS and connects dive computers with USB interface to an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
Without the FusionUSB the iOS device doesn’t recognize the dive computer.

Android devices can be connected directly to dive computers with USB interface using a USB On-the-Go (OTG) cable. In this case you don’t need the FusionUSB.


The Fusion is available in two versions: USB and IR (infrared).


  • 17.4mm x 10mm x 50mm
  • Plug USB 2.0
  • Receptable USB 2.0 (FusionUSB) / IrDA (FusionIR)

Robust and Reliable

  • No maintenance needed
  • No battery

User Friendly

Easy to use, simply plug in and start the transfer of the dive data.

Suitable for mobile and desktop devices


  • iOS only: from iPhone 4s or iPad2 with iOS 8 and the DiveMate App


  • iOS: from iPhone 4s or iPad2 with iOS 8 and the DiveMate App
  • Android: together with DiveMate for Android
  • Windows 10: compatible with the “Anniversary Update” version 1607.
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.x, Mac, Linux using the programs of the dive computer manufacturers or third party programs.

Environmentally friendly

No batteries to dispose of or new ones to buy.

Supported dive computers

DiveMate supports more than 160 dive computers from over 20 manufacturers. All info can be found here: compatibility


For iOS devices you need the “Lightning to USB Camera-Adapter“® oder the „Camera Connection Kit“® from Apple (not included).

For Android a USB On-the-Go (OTG) cable is necessary (not included).

For the FusionUSB you need the USB cable to match your specific dive computer (not included).

See also compatibility

The Fusion is “Engineered and Made in Germany”.

iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.