Participate in one of three I’m a DiveMate programs!
Spread your enthusiasm about DiveMate and earn great rewards!

DiveMate is a great way to keep your diving memories and log your dives right at the spot. By connecting your dive computer to your smartphone or tablet this is very easy and quick. Tell others about the benefits of DiveMate and what you like about it.


Buddy program

Find buddies who purchase a DiveMate Fusion. For 3 Fusions purchased get a 15€ Amazon voucher or a 33% Fusion discount coupon as reward. Join the program to get your Program ID. Give it to your buddies, they enter it on their purchase in the DiveMate shop. Keep track of your rewards in your account.
If you like it keep on going and find the next 3 buddies…


Instructor program

You’re a scuba dive instructor and already use DiveMate in your training? Recommend DiveMate to your students. For every 6 bought Fusions you will be rewarded with one free Fusion coupon.
Once joined give your Program ID to your students to enter it on their purchase in the DiveMate shop.


Dealer program

You’re a dealer or have a dive shop and you like to sell Fusions right at your shop or online? Please join below. We will send you our dealer price list and you can join our preferred dealer program.


The current I’m a DiveMate programs run until 31st May 2017.